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Tips on Hiring Best Real Estate Lawyer

You might be wondering why a lawyer is needed for a real estate transaction. Do you need a lawyer to buy or sell a home? Can a lawyer stop a foreclosure? Is a lawyer even required? If these questions cross your mind then read further so you can ensure that you have peace of mind! Besides, you can use real estate lawyer in NYC free consultation option 

How Real Estate Attorneys Can Help You

Hiring an attorney is necessary for purposes of buying or selling a home. It is true that only a few states require attorneys in real estate transactions, however New York is among them. Therefore you should consider hiring a real estate lawyer in NYC.

Regardless there are benefits to hiring an attorney for such purposes which include:

  1. Real estate transactions involve lots of paperwork as well as multiple parties (such as banks and other mortgage institutions). Retaining a lawyer is useful for navigating such to ensure that your rights are protected in a manner that minimizes any potential risk on investment by navigating any legal issues that may arise!
  2. An experienced real estate attorney can assist with performing a title search which will ensure that you have peace of mind prior to buying a home.
  3. An experienced real estate attorney can be present with you during a home inspection to ensure that a new home you are purchasing is in accordance with your local housing codes.
  4. An experienced real estate attorney can inspect, review, and assist in the negotiations of real estate contracts.
  5. Real estate agents (unless they have law degrees and are licensed in your state) are not able to provide legal advice. Real estate attorneys however can. 

Of course this is not a complete list of benefits.

How to Find a Good Real Estate Lawyer

You are probably now wondering how to find an experienced real estate lawyer. There are so many lawyers to choose from and it is important to know to not pick a lawyer strictly by advertisements alone.

Practice Experience and Reviews

You might be inclined to ask friends which lawyer they hired for when they bought or their home. While many would think that it is a reasonable way to find a lawyer it is not necessarily the best decision. The average person might buy a home only a handful of times in their life. Therefore, that is not necessarily the wisest approach.

A better way to check is to see the reviews the attorney has either on their social media page or on their google reviews. This is an objective way to see how past customers may have felt after engaging with that lawyer. In addition, through checking the biography of the lawyer you can see how long the attorney has been practicing real estate law. 

Questions to ask

Hiring an experienced real estate lawyer is a serious decision and should not be taken lightly. Through being careful you will ensure that you have peace of mind. Therefore it is important to ask any attorney you are considering hiring some questions which may include:

  • Is payment a flat fee or by the hour?
  • How many years has the individual engaged in real estate law?
  • Has he assisted individuals in similar situations as you?
  • How responsive is he to communications?
  • Are the attorney’s fees refundable if the deal doesn’t go through and if so, to what extent?

 It is important to make sure that the lawyer you hire is experienced in real estate. Going for an individual who is for example experienced in immigration but not real estate wouldn’t be useful. Of course the questions above are not a complete list. We encourage you to ask any question that you think is necessary for your comfort.

When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

It is best to hire a real estate attorney in the early stages of the process. Real estate agents cannot provide legal advice (unless they are licensed attorneys in your state). In addition, real estate agents who know that you have an attorney representing your interests will be less inclined to take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge. This will provide for your peace of mind.

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