"I've always thought of change as an acquired taste, even when the ingredients for change are obvious. You cannot read this insightful, compelling work without developing a strong appetite for sustainable change and a recipe for long overdue action."
Michele Coleman Mayes,
Vice President & General Counsel,
Allstate Insurance Company

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DATE: Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. EST

TOPIC: 10% Happier.

LOCATION & LUNCH: Sidley Austin LLP, 787 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY. Sidley has graciously offered to provide lunch and copies of 10% Happier to all in-person attendees. This event will also be simultaneously webcasted.

Click here for a 4 minute video excerpt of Deborah Epstein Henry's 4/24/13 interview of Anne-Marie Slaughter.
Click here for a 4 minute video excerpt of Deborah Epstein Henry's 12/11/13 interview of Sylvia Ann Hewlett.
GUEST: Dan Harris, New York Times best-selling author of 10% Happier, correspondent for ABC News, anchor for Nightline and co-anchor for the weekend edition of Good Morning America.

DESCRIPTION: 10% Happier. Have you ever struggled with that voice in your head? You know - the one that has you losing control of your emotions unnecessarily, checking your e-mail compulsively, eating when you're not hungry, and fixating on the past and the future at the expense of the present? Have you also assumed that you're stuck with that voice and there's nothing you can do to rein it in? Perhaps you're wrong. At this event, we are honored to host ABC News anchor and New York Times best-selling author, Dan Harris, who has found a way to tame the voice in his head and become 10% Happier. With probing questions posed by author and workplace expert Deborah Epstein Henry, Dan will share how, as a lifelong nonbeliever, he embarked on an unexpected, hilarious, and deeply skeptical odyssey through the strange worlds of spirituality and self-help, to discover a way to get happier through meditation that is truly achievable. He will recount how what prompted his self-examination was an on-air panic attack on Good Morning America. Eventually, Dan realized that the source of his problems was the very thing he always thought was his greatest asset: the incessant, insatiable voice in his head, which had both propelled him through the ranks of a hyper-competitive business and also led him to use drugs and make other profoundly damaging decisions that provoked his on-air freak-out. He will reveal the deep dive he took into the underreported world of CEOs, scientists, and even marines who are now using meditation for increased calm, focus, and happiness and how you can do so too. Dan will take you on a ride from the outer reaches of neuroscience to the inner sanctum of network news to the bizarre fringes of America's spiritual scene, and leave you with a takeaway that could actually change your life.

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Deborah Epstein Henry interview of Anne-Marie Slaughter, 4/24/13
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